Teaching my kids

There is nothing worse than having your kids show that you are not as important as their friends. Yesterday my eight year old was given a bicycle by one of her friends however, I told her that her dad will come and show her how to ride without the training wheels she promptly told me that her friend “Happy” is giving her lessons every day at six o’clock. I tried to insist that “Daddy will do it”  but she seemed distressed that I would even consider it as she already made plans with her friend.

It was distressing because it was as if she didn’t need us for that part of her life when we were all excited to teach her these skills. When did her friends become more important than us?  We were not cool enough? All of these questions plagued my mind as I walked around the compound trying to see if I could “mother” my five year old. 

As I tried to get my son to pay attention to me, I realised that he was busy playing soccer with his friends. So I bombed out there. It really got me thinking, why was I sad? This has to be some sort of accomplishment that my kids are independent and happy yet why did I feel so sad? Maybe it was the fact that I expected to still be the light of their lives for a few more years but I was in unfamiliar territory.

Well, I am looking at it with different eyes in the clear light of day. This was a reason to celebrate not for sadness. This was a good thing for them (and need I say for me as well) and it meant that they won’t be 30 and dwelling under my roof. I decided to see the child glass as half full and celebrate the little things.

They still love me anyway but for now it’s good that I can sit back, relax and let them grow up right before my eyes and teach them to be independent because that is what we all want for our kids.

As always

Girl Interrupted.


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