Summer Boredom? Great ideas to use

Boredom Jar

Summer time has started. My kids have been home since June 26 and since then it has been a mad dash to get them out of the house and away from hearing them say the earth shattering words “I’m bored!”.  I scoured the internet, looking for craft ideas, worksheets, places to take them and various tips and tricks to avoid the “B” word and found this amazing tip.  Creating a boredom jar.

I decided for my boredom jar to put in about 30 different choices of activities that the kids could do when the “B” word surfaces as it most likely will over the next few weeks.

What you will need:

1. Multi coloured card stock (I chose one colour for this particular challenge)

2. Label program in word – you can use the Label formal in Word (I chose the one that held 30 labels per 8.5 x 11 sheet)

3. Glue stick

4. Ribbon (just to be fancy)

5. Plastic Jar (there is going to be a fight to get into the jar, we don’t want it to break if and when it falls)

6. Label for front of jar (I named my “Boredom Jar – Take one for Summer fun”

7. At least 30 ideas to put in the jar

InstructioDeskns:Create your labels using word (or any program of your choice). I chose Avery labels in Word (I have attached my choices for activities but you are free to make your own ideas).  Print the activities on the card stock and cut down the labels to put in the jar. Design and print a label for the outside of the jar and add some ribbon for a fancy look.  As the days go by you can add other activities to keep it interesting (I don’t allow play doh in my house – it seriously gets into EVERYTHING) but that is another activities you can make along with finger painting.

I also printed out several worksheets to complement the books and other things activities I have planned for them. That’s for the times I want to keep their brain active but not make it feel like work. I also put on a desk lots of crayons, coloured pencils, chalk, blank paper and other things so that they can get to them very quickly.

Hope you have fun doing your own boredom jar. Please pass it along to your friends. Have a great summer!



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