Sun Fest 2013

Sun Fest was held from 4-7 July this year at Victoria Park, London, ON.  I chose to go on the last day and it was more than worth it so much that I regretted not going sooner.  There were loads of food stalls with international flavour and I was most excited when I happened upon a Triniman Kitchen and saw doubles. I haven’t had this delicacy in six months and it was so worth it – hit the right spot and I was very satisfied after.

After tasting all the great delicacies that were on offer, including food from at least four (4) different stalls including Nicaragua we ended up at the TD Stage to await the performance from Lazo a reggae artist and Juno award winner. The crowd was very large and enjoying the music that people were on their feet and having a great time even scrambling to get two free CDs he threw into the crowd.  The video is linked here.

After three hours we had covered the entire park and listened to some great music, sampled good food and gotten some amazing samples including a 7-day trial to Good Fitness Gym. All in all a great day.



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