Day 1

My first day on my quest to shed 20lbs without dieting was a complete disaster. First of all, I decided to start at the end of my grocery period (I do most of my shopping on a Thursday) and second….well let me walk you briefly.

My alarm went off at 7am (I was supposed to get up at 6:00am but forgot to set the alarm but decided that I was too tired to get up at 6am to exercise, so I stayed in bed until 7:45am. I eventually got up to get the kids ready for camp and decided to start when they left.

It’s 9:05 am and I walk through the door, grab a glass of water and breakfast (okay it was really a cup of coffee but I used Almond milk) and put on the Hip Hop Abs DVD and start to exercise with Shaun T. Ten minutes into the exercise routine I realize that I am really unfit and swear that I cannot keep up with these supposedly easy exercises. It’s not done perfectly but I manage to last the entire DVD with stops in between. I decide not to punish myself and resolve to do better on Day 2 and continuing.

As my cool down, I notice Ricki Lake is on, so I sit and watch that while I work on my meal plan for the next five days. I then “grab a shower” then decide to head to the supermarket to shop for my meal plan and am excited just to be able to complete that small task. As I head to the grocery store, I decide to walk so that I get in some additional exercise. It’s about a 15 minute walk.  However, as I pass the corner, I notice the number 9 bus and instinctively stop and get on. Shame has overtaken me but it just meant I could get back home sooner rather than later (and I would have more time to choose products carefully). Ten minutes later, I leave the grocery store empty handed because I forgot that I had left my credit card on the computer desk from when I was shopping online the night before (insert expletives).

That was just the morning!  I get home, popped the kids lunch in the oven (reminded hubby to keep an eye on it) then headed out for the kids. I ended up skipping lunch because it was a mad rush to pick up the kids from camp, get them their lunch before I could take them mini golf. Mind you, that is a whole other drama. Let’s just say, we left home in blistering sunlight and walked to the mini golf course about 30 minutes walk away. By the time we arrived there was a freaking thunder storm going on (with lightning and everything). I just called a taxi and headed home. Of course on the way home, the rain stopped.

For Linner, the word when lunch becomes dinner, we had left over pasta with meat sauce, not ideal but it was what was available as I was in no mood to venture outside again. All in all, I think the first day was a major blow out, but I looked at the positive parts of it.

I was able to exercise using the DVD, I drank four (4) 8oz glasses of water and one glass of Fruitopia juice (okay it was two but shhhhh), I walked for almost an hour as well and had four oatmeal cookies for a snack.

Tomorrow is another day. I just really need to focus.

Rate my day!

Negatives: I didn’t follow my meal plan,


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