Day 3 of Journey to 150lbs

For the record this is just an update on how the past three days have been…….BLAH!  Needless to say, I have not really cheated on my plan and I have exercised every day. Yesterday I was asked to volunteer at my kids’ school to help lay bricks. Let me tell you, that was an even better workout than HHA.  I was doubly sore today and I found new muscles I didn’t even know I had. All the bending at the waist, lifting bricks, dry placing them, then removing them and finally placing them while they were glued on was enough to cause the muscles from HHA to call the other muscles “their bitch”! 

I didn’t eat well either.  Even though I cooked yesterday because I had to run out as soon as my meal was done, I didn’t get to eat lunch and missed dinner. They ordered pizza (I had two slices) and two bottles of water.  I got home at 9pm and ate one slice of pork that I had cooked earlier along with some herb rice!  Yes, I had two meals within four hours. Sue me! 

Today was no better. I was busy running the kids off to various activities today and so lunch was a distant memory – old habits do die hard. Let’s not forget that I am supposed to be eating better but so far that has not worked out in my favour. I have eaten junk, junk and more junk.

So I sat down, printed off the meal plan (which I am attaching here) from SparkPeople and hitting Food Basics on Saturday morning. Then I will follow their meal plan and see how it goes. I will probably substitute some things but I will stay true to the plan (or get slim trying).

The last few days were brutal but once I do my weekly shopping list and stick to the meals I think I will be okay. Sigh. I cannot think of this as a chore, it has to be a source of energy nor will I let the setbacks of the past three days get me down. It can only get better. Best of all, I think I have some great coupons for these meals 🙂

Who’s joining me????ImageImage


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