Peek-a-boo and why it’s still the best game for babies!

Today, I took my kids to the splash pad as it was so hot and they needed to cool down.  While there I met a lovely lady with her six month old baby and after we exchanged pleasantries, I focused on the baby who looked at me a bit tentatively. In order to break the ice, I decided to try out my theory. So I put up both hands covering my eyes and then opened them to say very loudly as our eyes met “Peek-a-boo”.  Let me tell you that this baby was all smiles after. We played this game for about five minutes while his mother was getting his two brothers changed from wet to dry clothing.

After they left, I started to wonder what it was about this game that made babies giggle with excitement every time someone played peek-a-boo! So I did some digging online and this is what I found. It’s about the baby learning what is object permanence where the baby knows that something still exists even when he/she cannot see it. Check out this article from Baby Center and learn more about this oldie but goldie. For my friends who are new parents, it’s a great way to calm a crying baby (trust me, I know).

It was not just this woman’s baby. I actually have about three other babies within my weekly playgroup that are under the age of two who actually enjoy this game and it helped to break the ice.  I don’t know what else is free, entertaining and so much fun, but I can spend quite some time playing this game with a baby and keep it entertained.

I wonder if it will work on adults as well. Some can get so crabby, I feel like looking them in the face, raising my palms, covering my eyes and yelling PEEK-A-BOO just to see if they will remember this joke and laugh. Try it and let me know.

Photo courtesy Istockphoto!!!!

As always,

Girl Interrupted.


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