My week in review

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers! 

The journey has been a bit hectic this past week because someone put a hold on my Hip Hop Abs video so I could NOT exercise with it (yes, I am going the cheap way and borrowing from the library).  Instead I decided to do more walking. So far I have lost one dress size (from size 12 to size 10) and I have lost 3lbs!  All from walking and counting calories!  It’s not a lot but I feel really good about it and am pressing on – today, my cheat day, I did pigeon peas and rice with fried sole fillet and pickled cucumbers a sort of traditional Barbadian meal that was so good!  For my snack I had green grapes and a very small slice of banana bread, 4 chocolate chip cookies!  Yep, when I decide to cheat I intend to make it count!  I have reserved the movie again so I will be back to the routine and working these abs.

In other exciting news, I met and spoke to an author yesterday when my daughter went to her house for her first book club meeting.  I won’t name drop but she is very successful and very down to earth.  I was a bit star struck and I think I am still that way because after church this morning there she was again and we spoke for half hour!!!!!  Talk about me being nervous and telling her that I read up on her book and a few articles and was really impressed. She brushed me off saying “I don’t think of myself as famous” *sigh*!!!!!!!!!!!!  So yes, I met someone who is in the line of work I would like to be in and I am definitely hoping to keep her in my line of vision for the moment when I need to network.

My friend, Daphne, is on vacation here from Holland and we are having such a good time.  Today we visit Grand Bend with my husband and kids (photos are here for you to see) and we had a great time. I must admit the water was c-c-c-cold!  I did not even venture in but Daphne did and then came out five seconds later.  I’m sorry but I am from the Caribbean and our water does not feel like it came out of the freezer!  I sat on the beach in my sweater and covered my legs with a towel!  Next time we are going when the temps are above 30 degrees! 


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