Help, my 5YO is driving me insane


It has been some time since I have written about my quest to lose 20lbs but my dear readers I have been busy. I had a house guest for three (3) weeks and then my son decides to get a case of the whinnies. Now let me tell you, if you have a child that loves to whine and by that I mean cry for every single instruction you know what I mean. It drove me crazy. I could not get through a night without him crying for one thing or the other. If it wasn’t him crying to eat, shower, brush his teeth, come inside at 7:30pm, it was him constantly telling me no and arguing with me about this or that.

So, I decided that it was enough. After one particularly terrible crying session (where I ignored him as usual and he did what I asked but crying) I sat him down and told him that he was not allowed to even go outside after camp. Well of course he cried about that too. True to form, he took his punishment like a champ and counted down the days until he could go outside (I think he was inside for three days – huge mistake since I had to find things for him to do) but lesson was taught.

Do you think he learned his lesson? Of course, not! I let him out today and he had two of his friends over which was fine. When it was time for them to leave however, he wanted to go outside with them. I told him no and that it was time to get a shower and settle down. Of course he started to whine.

I immediately told him that he could not have his pre-bedtime movie and story (he is not one of those kids that get hyper watching tv before bed – in fact it sends him to sleep) and he could do his crying in his room. After an hour, he was fast asleep. As additional punishment, he is also not going outside tomorrow and he will be doing some chores while he serves his time.

This has been my life for the past three weeks but I honestly thought this would teach him a lesson. It didn’t! He just kept bawling and bawling. I thought I would lose mind. This is why I have not had time to blog. However, if you can suggest a tip or two on how to nip this whining in the proverbial bud, please drop me a line at

Before I go, I have lost 5lbs since we last spoke and three inches around my waist but I still have a long way to go. I am back in the gym from September 9 so progress should be faster.

Until next time, as always
Girl Interrupted


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