Giving and the Life Ever After


On Friday 23 August, I, along with dozens of other people, received one of the nicest gifts ever from someone I would never meet again! Indeed, no one probably knew this woman and we did not get her name but I am stepping ahead of the story.

My kids came rushing upstairs to tell me that there was an ice cream truck outside giving free ice cream to everyone. This was something new to me and I wondered why anyone would be giving kids free ice cream so I ventured outside to see what was going on.

My friend, Elsa, asked me if I had heard the story behind the free ice cream and I said “No”. The truth is that I am not really an ice cream lover and only ever occasionally have the cold, tasty treat. The story is that there was a woman who passed away but in her will she left money to purchase ice cream for three (3) communities and ours was one of them. On hearing this, I felt obligated to get an ice cream cone just to see for myself if this was really true.

As I headed over to the basketball court where the free ice cream was being given out, I noticed there was a big red ice cream truck with dozens of kids and adults all eating ice cream. As I approached the truck, I was greeted by two lovely ladies who simply asked me what flavour I wanted and I chose Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Best thing ever! I then asked the girls why this was being done and they confirmed Elsa’s version of the story and I was immediately touched that not only had the departed left these instructions and funds but that her family ensured it was carried out.

Unfortunately, I had gone downstairs about 15 minutes before they finished as I had wanted to get a photograph and some more information but I did manage to get the name of the company that provided the treats and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It got me wondering why would someone do this?  Maybe, she loved kids!  Maybe, she loved giving! Maybe, it was her way of teaching others that it’s always better to give than to receive even from the beyond. 

I started to wonder, what my legacy in this world would be. I don’t donate to charity and I don’t have any affiliations that help others.  What am I teaching my kids every day?  Do they really understand that because I go to the ATM once a week that I have to work hard to put the money in there and it’s not automatic?  Do they really know what it’s like to give and help others?  Do they really know that there are people less fortunate than us? I am not so sure. Just by eating that Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough I felt transformed as if I wanted to do more with my life than just be a mother, wife and entrepreneur.  Now I don’t want accolades for doing charity work but I do want to be able to give back to the community in one way or another. I am not sure how that can be done but I will be thinking about it very seriously over the next few days to see where I can fit in. 

As always,

Girl Interrupted


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