Truth or Dare?

It was a blistering 29 degrees today and my kids were outside playing with their respective friends (for my new followers I have a 9 year old girl and a 5 year old boy).  The 9YO came to me around 3pm and asked if she could go to her friend’s house and run through the sprinklers and I said “Yes” but I was coming to watch (I didn’t know this new friend).

As we arrived at the back of the house, her friend’s babysitter (and get this her mom was home but I digress) turned on the hose and they were all having a great time cooling down from the heat.  A few minutes into their squeals of girlish delight, one of the neighbours (boy) passed by and noticed what they were doing and decided to join them. 

At some point, I zoned them out as I caught up on my email and checked Facebook (the babysitter didn’t talk much) and then I heard someone who sounded like my daughter ask “Do you want to play Truth or Dare?” but I was not sure.  Immediately my ears perked up because I remembered playing this game as a teen and I also remember some of the DARES I had participated in (and no it’s not what you think but I can’t publish it here).

Some of the Dares they did were simple like belly flopping onto the sprinkler, jumping in the powerful spray 50 times and keeping their eyes open with the water in their face.  However, I heard the girl (who is seven) ask “Truth or Dare?” and the boy answered “Truth”. By this time they had moved away from earshot and I could hear the word “girlfriend” being mentioned. 

Could this really be what kids were talking about in this day and age?  I wondered just what my daughter really knew about T&D?  I decided to ask her, when we were walking back to our apartment, what was T&D and she basically answered as I expected. However, when I asked her what was the Truth that she was asking “the boy”, she informed me that her hostess asked him whether he had a girlfriend and he said “no”. 

I swear I made too much out of it but I did remind myself to have the talk with her on boundaries and what is and what is not acceptable. Not that I think they were doing anything wrong it’s just at the time they were out of earshot, the babysitter whispered that “the boy” is not the sort that she wanted the girls around because he uses words that are inappropriate for his age.  I sat there and thought to myself “but your little minions are the ones who asked him the question?” but I didn’t tell the truth, I didn’t dare! 

So as I continue to raise these two kids, It got me thinking of Truths and Dares in raising my soon to be pre-teen.


  • My daughter, who just turned 9, is really growing up.
  • I will soon have to buy her a training bra
  • I will soon have to explain her first period.
  • The uncomfortable subject of how babies are really made (she still believes the stork comes)


Childbirth.  The dare of childbirth was explained, and when I say explained I mean, her brother asked me and she chimed in wanting to know and so I spoke about what a C-Section was. Then they came back at me again and so I put on **no judgment please** an episode of Friends when Rachel gave birth to Emma and I think it traumatised my daughter (hell I had two kids and I am still unsure of what went on down there) that the baby could come out of the vagina as well.  She freaked out and told me she was never doing that and she hoped to have a C-Section!  So, I am going to have to qualm her fears about that as well.  Sigh!!!!!!  Of course, now every time they see a show with a pregnant woman, my 5YO asks me whether she is getting “the cut” or “pushing the baby out”.  Why me????  I am uncomfortable that he even knows these two terms and yes I am not ashamed to say it.

How did you all explain these somewhat uncomfortable topics to your kids? 

For those who like T&D, I found a website with the game where you can play with your friends. Check it out, have fun and be safe………

Now I am going to stick my head in the sand for a few hours. 

As always,

Girl Interrupted


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