Knitting for Peace!


Today I had to take my kids to church extra early because they had to practice for a play based on the story of the Giving Tree.  While I waited, a bit bored, I ran into the lady at church who runs the program Knitting for Peace and after expressing an interest in learning she suggested that I could start learning since we had a 45 minute wait.

The group will be meeting every Saturday morning from 10am to noon where the focus will be on knitting various items for the 1440 Random Acts of Kindness in 24 Hours taking place on October 5th in Victoria Park (that’s if you are in the London, ON area).

In my 45 minutes, I learned how to make a slip knot, casting on and how to do a continental stitch and casting off.  Even though it was a bit tricky (she taught me another type of stitch but I could not get it nor do I remember the name) I managed to do a little something during my lesson (pictured above).  I was given the circular needles (hope I got the name correct) and I must admit they are really good to use and really light and nice. Somehow my first misconceptions of knitting were of an old lady sitting with two needles rocking on a chair but clearly the updated versions are funky and fun and I had a really great time.

I am supposedly knitting a scarf, which will come in handy for the project mentioned earlier but I also think that after I finish this one I would like to make one for the kids for the winter season (2014).  From what I understand, this is supposed to relax people and my instructor told me that it works for her in that capacity as well.  I don’t know whether I am being ambitious by doing the scarf for the kids but it is something to look forward to.

Now, it’s time to cast on!  Have a great Sunday!


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