Journey to 150lbs

It’s been a while since I’ve exercised but now that school is back in session I plan to go three days a week. To add to my gym days I will be doing my 10,000 steps (today I fell short) but hey not every day can be perfect!!!

As I mentioned today was my first day back at school and I’m not feeling dazed or confused as yet. I had three classes back to back but the middle one ended an hour earlier which enabled me to get my bus pass!!!!

The bus pass is included with tuition and lasts one year. So much cheaper than paying CDN$2.75 per trip. However, because I live so close to campus I can easily walk 15 minutes to the gym work out for one hour, shower then head off to class at noon.

So, I am trying to pick up where I left off. Did I mention that I had given up coffee for about three days? Well it only lasted three days. I had a cup this morning but replaced it with honey!!!!

For lunch I had Quinoa and a yogurt shake. I was not full but I lasted until home time which is when I made pasta with meat sauce.

I hope you are still following my progress because its tough to study motivated but I’m attacking this like I’m attacking my text books, with GUSTO!!!!

As always



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