Online Loans – Scam or Real?

ImageI received the weirdest voice mail message last Friday by someone called John Lucas who stated that this was his “third attempt to contact me to say that my $300,000 loan was approved”.  Needless to say I was in shock at just how this person got my number and called back to verify exactly he was talking about.  I spoke to the said John Lucas (or Jean Lucas, can’t really tell) and he said that he was on the bank and would call me back. Of course, he never did.  Thankfully.  So this got me thinking about all the businesses in the lending sector that are conducted online and whether they are really scams or legit.  I found this link containing a Scam Lender List and there are easily over 200 companies on it along with some people who have been “scammed”.  My non-believing nature does not really know whether this list is even real but the name of the company that called me was on this list, so something must be real.

There were people who were supposedly scammed out of thousands of dollars and I don’t know how that can be.  If someone offers you a $7,000 loan but tells you that you have to pay $950 in order to get it, then that should be a red flag. 

There will be a follow up to this story over the next few weeks as I do some more digging but if you know anyone who has been contacted by any of these companies, please warn them not to send any money over.  Even pay-day loans don’t require money up front, which is another article altogether.  I will be putting forward some applications and see whether I can get a scoop.  Personally, I suggest sticking to reputable banking institutions but there are some people who cannot for one reason or another and have to turn to alternative financing companies.  Just be careful and remember to ALWAYS read the fine print. As my mother always said to me “The Devil is in the details” and that’s what I call fine print.

I will leave you to judge and if you have a story that you want to share, please do so by email or respond to this thread and let me know.

As always,

Girl Interrupted


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