Journey to 150lbs

First off, I have to apologise for my absence.  I am a Mature University Student which means I am constantly playing brain catch up (okay my brain is lazy) to 22 year olds. I actually heard there is a 17 year old in my class!  Go figure!  Child genius? 

So in my supposed journey, I have not regained my 5lbs but I have not lost anything since I did my last weigh in.  I spent two hours at the gym last Friday but I have not had the time to return because I overscheduled my week with activities.  A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for an exercise study at University and in turn I get a $20 gift card plus one year of free exercise where they measure my BMI and help with my exercise routine.  I am supposed to have a DEXA scan done on Tuesday, so I will see what that entails.  It’s like I’m a lab rat! They will hook me up to monitors and keep a record of my exercise patterns and all that as well. Remind me to never make fun of the white rat in the lab again!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was a bit busy, with me studying, as I have an exam tomorrow followed by two on Friday. Anyhoo, be good, be brave but remember, be happy!

As always



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