Journey to 150lbs

exercise ball

This week, I started earnestly at the gym with three cardio workouts of 25 minutes on the treadmill with an expected heart rate between 127-133 and two sessions of core exercises.  In order to get my heart rate in that target range, I had to adjust the speed to 4.0 and my incline to about the same!  Does this indicate how good or bad my heart is????

Following the cardio workout, I had to do core exercises which turned out to be a total nightmare, because my dear readers, I am a major klutz!!!!  After trying to do the crunches I had to follow that with the use of an exercise ball.  The routine was to kneel and put my hands and upper body on the ball, then I was required to roll forward until I got to my elbows.  Of course, I fell off the ball four times to the delight of the trainer!  Did I mention, I AM A KLUTZ!

I swear that exercise was invented to humiliate and torment the uncoordinated folks like me.  So, the trainer gets on the ball and says “You have to do it like this….” and by this time, I want to roll her size zero ass and the ball through the door!  Again, who really does this?  After a few tries (and falls), I complete my 10 repetitions but I am hurting in places I did not know existed.

This journey is taking a really bumpy turn. This week, I am doing strength exercises and I just know that it will involve something that will embarrass me immensely.  Anyway, I am due for torture on Tuesday at 10:30am.

Until next time, hopefully not too bruised.

Girl Interrupted


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