Coffee Karma

My 6YO has started to make my morning cup of Joe for the past few mornings. The first time it tasted (and looked) like mud but this morning’s serving was, well, you will see.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that he is doing this without me even asking and it builds a skill that I hope he takes with him into adulthood, being self-sufficient.

However, I do think he is either trying to send me into diabetic shock (and this in no way is meant to offend anyone who has diabetes) or paying me back for making fun of him with my online community.

The coffee was so sweet that after I tasted it, I had to try not to gag. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he didn’t stand in front of me to see me take those few sips and ask expectantly, “How is it mummy?”. Then I had to smile and say “It’s the best coffee I have ever had”. Yes, a white lie, but what else can I do???? I will give him another lesson on proper sugar to cup ratio and let this skill develop, after all he is six.

After drinking the coffee this morning, I strongly believe that karma truly is a bitch and it is gunning for me. It won’t stop me from laughing at the 6YO though. Now, please excuse me while I grab a bottle of water to wash down the “coffee”.



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