Parent vs Kids – Round 1 to the Parent


I am sure all parents face some battle of wits with their kids. For me it was computer time. I have told my children that they can only have one hour per day on the computer but many days because my brain is a bit fuzzled they would go over their allocated one hour and I would end up arguing with them.

Thankfully, I remembered that I have Parental Control on my computer (some months after the fact) and so yesterday I took the time to set it up properly. No internet access for them before 8am and none after 9pm. I have also set one hour time limits for them.

Today was the real test. They were all excited to use the computer and so I said “Sure” and my daughter was on it playing her game.

All of a sudden I hear a loud cry “Mummy, why did the computer shut off?” she asked not understanding. I was chuckling. “Oh, I have set up time limits on the computer. You get one hour per day”, I replied trying not to laugh. The look on her face was priceless……’s as if a whole new dimension was revealed and she realized just how powerful I really am.

Yes. I no longer have to argue with them to get off the computer. Thank you Microsoft. Hopefully they will learn not to abuse their privileges in the future. Somewhere in their adulthood I am hoping that they don’t end up scarred by these little mind games I play….hahahahahahaha *evil grin*.

Have you ever had to do this with your kids?


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