Parent vs Kids: Round 2 goes to the Kids

In a follow up my post earlier, and the inspired thought I had to restrict computer time for my kids who have no concept of time, I have just paid the ultimate price.

Just after 10pm my 9YO decided to not only throw up but to do it all OVER the bathroom floor and herself, leaving me to clean up. If you know anything about me, well I am scornful so this is grossing me out BIG TIME!!!!

Yes, karma can be a real bitch!

Now after spending an hour cleaning up after her and washing all the mats, clothing and disinfecting the toilet and sink (she threw up in both), I have to say, “Bravo!” they won the second round.

Now I am going to bed because not only have I lost round two but I am about to lose one hour of sleep thanks to Mother Nature and daylight saving time.



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