Puppy Love

ImageNot many of you know this but I was in Canada for one year on an Exchange program and the kids and me had such a lovely time, we didn’t want to return to sunny Barbados. Yes, hate me for that all of you who are currently buried under snow!!!! When we left we had a puppy named Ben but we gave him away since he could not travel to Canada with us.

On arriving home, I noticed that my son was still sad about leaving Canada and he was crying and feeling sad so when he said that he wanted a puppy, I thought it would not be such a bad idea and agreed, with this grandmother, to get him one. The puppy came home on Wednesday 19th March 2014 and we already knew that his name would be Ben 2 (our first puppy was named Ben). I immediately fell in love with him. Ben 2 was just the cutest little thing until night came and then he started to cry, which was expected.

What his crying taught me was that I never wanted any more children! However, the lesson it taught my children is to be responsible, even at 2am. My poor 9YO daughter, she was up with it the first night and I swear she grew grumpier as the hours dragged by. I woke to hear her telling my 6YO son “Get up and help with the puppy”. I laughed because I remember having that exact conversation with her dad regarding her. She was not pleased about her brother sleeping through the crying puppy hours but I did stay up to help her but only until midnight. After that she was on her own.

Needless to say, since they insisted the puppy sleep in the house, they were to keep an eye on it. After two nights, someone suggested giving the puppy a stuffed animal and that was the best advice ever. It slept through the night without crying. Success was at hand! He slept and balance was restored to my household.

Having Ben in our lives helped me as well. He loves to sleep by my feet and is never too far away from me. I have to remember to leave food for him when we go out and we have to check on him to ensure he is okay. Yes, Ben has changed our lives for the better. It’s only been a few days but he has changed our lives.

Laughter and love exist here again!

Do you have a pet? How has it changed your life?


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