The Importance of Technology in Today’s Society

It seems that everywhere we go there are signs that technology plays an important role in today’s society. From the ability to surf the internet to breakthrough in medical science there are more and more cases of how it is becoming integral to our everyday lives. No more can anyone discount the relevance of technology as it segues our very existences in the smallest of ways. The importance of technology in today’s society has improved our daily lives by providing faster communication, ease of access to information and advancements in medical science.

In the first instance, one of the advantages of having access to technology is that it allows for faster communication.  With the introduction of the internet came the email which has revolutionized the way that people communicate with each other. In the past, we relied on mail carriers to bring our mail, but today there has been a paradigm shift towards using email to communicate both at home and at the office.  Now, instead of waiting weeks for a reply, you can receive instant responses to questions with the use of email. Second, way that technology provides faster communication, is by the invention, not only of the cell phone, by Alexander Graham Bell, but the revolutionizing of it to the cell phone which takes communication from the home and onto the street, mobile as we call it. The advent of video conferencing, as used on software such as Skype and Tango, also gives that personal element of being able to see the person while you are speaking. This has changed the way people communicate with friends, families and colleagues all over the world. Third, technology has allowed citizens across to mass media by way of online newspapers and magazines at their fingertips.  No longer do we have to get up and purchase a newspaper or magazine. These can be downloaded directly from the internet to our computers, tablets or mobile phones and read within minutes.

Another way that technology is important is that it provides ease of access to information. Persons can now access their personal information for services such as online for banking, transferring funds and paying bills. Thus reducing the time spent in long lines waiting for such information. In the corporate world, managers and employees can access information on a global level in order to streamline their operations. No more second guessing on what stock is available at another location. This information, is available through the use of Just in time systems and using inventory software to provide real time information. Technology facilitates advancements in education by allowing students at all levels of education to do research and for students at the tertiary level to attend classes online. In Barbados, we have the Open Campus and Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, where courses are available online to provide students with more flexibility in the way they study.

Finally, the importance of technology in today’s society has made advancements in medical science possible. On the news, we hear about advancements in medical science. One such advancement is that of surgeons performing major surgeries using laparoscopy. This has greatly reduced recovery times for patients, and also allows hospitals to provide a lean service by fitting in more surgeries than in previous years. Technology plays an important role in allowing persons to enhance or change their appearance in many ways by the use of cosmetic surgery. Today, unlike in the past, many people with certain defects or those who want to enhance their looks, can consult with a surgeon to have these corrected. Some examples are breast augmentation, hip replacement, and facial enhancing surgeries to name a few.It has changed the way families are created in many ways by use of In vitro fertilization. There are couples who, for one reason or another, are unable to have children the old fashioned way. The advent of fertility treatments has make it possible for these select few to have the families they want, with the use of technology.

There is no doubt that technology is playing, and continues to play, an important role in today’s society by providing faster communication, ease of access to information and the advancement of medical science. As we continue to make progress in this twenty-first century, there are more marvels to accomplish, especially in the fields of medicine and education. We cannot dispel the fact that technology is a growing and continuing field that will allow persons to live a better and more stress-free life.


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