Giving up Facebook

singleMy subject line is technically incorrect because I cannot give up Facebook entirely. Having recently been provided with a few social media accounts, I use it for work purposes. What I have given up is my personal postings and sharing of information that I find online with my friends.

I have been using Facebook to sometimes retaliate on people that have annoyed me or when I feel like I have been shut out of someone’s life and that is not the main purpose for it. It’s to be social not anti-social.

There is no reason why, if my boyfriend annoys me that I should post an article that speaks to whether he truly loves me or not. Of course he loves me but at that point he annoyed me, the world doesn’t need to know that!

The funny thing is that now that I have “given up Facebook” I have seen so many great things to post but have refused so here are a few things I have noticed now that I have given up Facebook. For instance, I had to log into the Canada Revenue Agency this morning for the first time online. They sent me an email at 5:30am and I tried to log on at 5:45am but received a message that the website was closed and opens at 6am. How come one side is open and the other is closed? If this was in the Caribbean, where I am from I would utter the words “Government”!

I could comment on when I heard the dogs barking this morning and looked outside, saw the Meter reader from the Water Authority taking his monthly counts. I thought how archaic but I guess he is here before 6am and it provides employment so…..Or how both children woke up at 6:03am and immediately started arguing. I immediately rushed to drink my coffee, finish this post and give them both “the look”. Nothing like kids with your coffee…..makes it go faster. The argument was about who would shower first and that never happens.

I spent time with my son watching the first season in a series called Allegiance. If you have not watched it, please do, it’s great and the lead male, although not Channing Tatum hot, has a nice charm.

In all honesty, I feel free to just be. This has been a rough week emotionally which I will have to write about but I no longer feel the need to act passive/aggressive towards my friends via social media. No hints. No digs. No drama. That is probably the best lesson the past four (4) days have taught me.

There are probably more but I have noticed but the children are up and that means breakfast on the table and the mad rush to get out of the house (who am I kidding, it’s vacation time).

Until next time,



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