Girl Interrupted Stars in “My Gluten Free Life”

It has been three days since our family switched to Gluten free living and I have to admit that I needed a day to cope with all of the stuff going through my head. What could I cook? How to cook it? When to cook it? In a nutshell, we have to send food to the school for my 8YO as most things offered are filled with gluten and are cooked with parsley, thyme and carrots. Things he cannot eat! However, this gluten free living is driving me a little batty!!!

My 8YO has become obsessed with food and he has also become a big nag! Yes, I said it. We took the gluten away and now it has been replaced with a gluttonous nag! Yesterday he insisted that I send him the list of things he cannot eat AND a list of things he CAN eat (like I don’t have enough to do). I then had to send the same list to his father and grandmother because these two high functioning adults can’t relate to the fact that if the list says these are the items he can’t eat, everything else is fair game. So, my gluten free mind was peeved when I had to explain to the grandmother why she could not give him mayonnaise…’s made with eggs…..he’s allergic……..don’t give him! Was my impassioned cry.

Let me say this! Gluten free baking is not for the fainthearted. I tried to make bread and followed the recipe which I mentioned in a previous blog. After my disaster, I decided to email the manufacturer who informed me that I would have had to add baking powder or bicarbonate soda in order for the bread to rise. Isn’t that what yeast is for? Clearly that was not in the recipe. So I have lodged a complaint with their technical department and expect a resolution in 14-21 days!

Breakfast was a battle the kids were down by their father last night. I received a telephone call from my 11YO who asked me to speak to the 8YO who did not want to eat the Gluten free oats for breakfast. As I tried to remember that we are all adjusting I told the grandmother “if he doesn’t want the oats, DON’T GIVE HIM! Let him get some tea and eat some plantain”. She seemed to think I was a monster for “starving her precious grandchild but I was in no mood to deal with her tantrum at 6am while I was trying to get ready for work.

For lunch he had sweet potato and beef and then his grandmother made him GF pasta with pink salmon for dinner (yuck) which was eaten on the way home and still had room for a bowl of fresh fruit and a watermelon smoothie with raw honey.

On the upside, the 8YO has been researching recipes and we are making pancakes for breakfast with applesauce and brown rice with chicken for lunch. I am looking for gluten free wraps which he can have for dinner with chicken in peanut sauce. I have Krys to thank for that tip who has been a sounding board of support and gave so many tips I think my head spun twice! The other good thing is that GFL has sharpened the reading skills of the 8YO. Going to the supermarket is an adventure as we had straight for the Specialty aisle and he reads everything and tells me what to buy.

The journey continues and it’s going to have its ups and downs but we are a few days in with a long way to go. How will we make it? Continue to follow my blog and chart this journey of Gluten Free Living with us.

Until next time, I am Girl Interrupted.

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