Girl Interrupted Stars in “My Gluten Free Life”

Day four of my G20151028_063812FL actually brought some positive news and for the first time I saw my 8YO excited about food again. I made him 3 bakes this morning using the Orgran GF All purpose flour, cinammon, baking powder, salt and a bit of Splenda. Then I made applesauce using half of a gala apple, cinammon and a touch of Splenda. The applesauce burned as did the bakes but but was still tasty. He washed the bakes down with a cup of peppermint tea and was happy and perky to have something decent, albeit burned, to eat.

For lunch, they had brown rice (which is gluten free) with pigeon peas and baked chicken. The one thing I found out is that Worcestershire Sauce (item I use a lot of) contains vinegar as an ingredient, which the 8YO is allergic to. So I have to remember in the future to remove that from my pantry. Label reading is now an official sponsor of MGFL!!!

The one thing going GF has shown me is that there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Both kids are on board in a big way. They have decided to set their alarms to get up early and prepare meals with me and while I prefer working in solitude, I can’t kill their enthusiasm. It’s rather touching and hopefully will inspire them to create their own recipes. The lesson in this seems to be no matter the adversity, you can overcome it with determination and hard work.

Now if only there was something to stop them from squabbling….life could just be perfect.

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