The Good, Bad and Ugly of My Gluten Free Life

It’s been about 8 weeks since my son was put on this gluten free diet and I have to say, without a doubt, that there have been moments during this time where I have prayed for patience and for some wheat! Let’s take a look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of my Gluten Free Life!

GOOD: My son is asthmatic and after being diagnosed with a chest infection we found out, that he had certain allergies that were affecting him. We removed the various foods that were causing him discomfort and since then he has improved a lot physically. I have found tons of great gluten free, dairy free, egg free products in the supermarket – wraps, chocolate chip cookies, cereal, chips to name a few. Plus he has a better selection of fruit and vegetables than before and a love/hate relationship with cassava and sweet potato!

BAD: When this whole thing started, I promised my son that I would eat whatever he was eating in solidarity. That was a bad idea. Never make promises your Gluten loving body can’t keep!!!!  I ended up cheating on the diet daily and hiding it from him. The worse thing about this dual world I have been living was the guilt.

Another bad was the unlimited amounts of whining that he did. I spent countless hours, when he was visiting his dad, with him calling me and complaining about the fact that he was hungry because he could not have a roti! Mind you, he just ate ten minutes ago! It seemed like an emotional roller coaster. After six weeks, I had had enough! I sat him down and told him that while I understood his frustration, he has to understand that it’s stressful on everyone. Maybe he got the message, because I no longer get the whiny calls.

UGLY: The worse part was me trying to make the world’s best bread. After trying three different types of flour, countless hours in the kitchen and spending over $100 on various types of Gluten Free flour, I realize that this was not the calling for me. For instance, I tried to make Gluten Free bread. It just never worked. I tried coconut flour, all purpose flour, tried both together. Nothing. I even complained to one Gluten Free company about one of their recipes online and they admitted that the recipe didn’t work in their test kitchen either (you don’t say). They send me two boxes of the same flour that didn’t work!

So I decided to purchase Gluten Free bread….after all, how bad could it be!!!!! The brand I tried tasted so terrible and made me itch so badly that I needed an antihistamine. After spending BBD$28 I would say that qualifies for the worlds most expensive bread! No bread for him! Sorry!

Of course, I know several people who don’t have this issue with Gluten Free flour so I know it must just be me. I have decided to make “bakes” for now using sweet potato flour and that works just fine!

I am no longer hiding my gluten addiction from my son! We try to make his meals similar to ours and he’s quite happy! It’s been about 8 weeks and life is moving along.

Are there any parents out there who have children with gluten sensitivity? I would love to hear your experiences.

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