New Year, New Resolution

fire worksEvery time we celebrate a New Year, I remind myself that I am not making any resolutions and this year is no different. I didn’t plan to make any. In fact, I forgot as I was busy finishing a ham for a get together, trying to complete some end of year work that I had backed up and getting ready for New Year’s Eve service.

However, on quiet reflection, after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, I thought why can’t I make a few resolutions. Not the cookie cutter ones like lose weight, save money, eat healthier; but I could make resolutions that can improve my life. So here they are:

Resolution #1: Start family game night. We have designated Wednesday evenings as the night and did it over the holidays. This is one way to reconnect as a family for a couple of hours. No television. No cell phone. No landline calls. It is scheduled in my calendar and the children have a host of games to play from Jenga to Uno we have it covered.

Resolution #2: Take up the saving plan of saving in $1 increments every week for 52 weeks. Okay so this is a bit cookie cutter but when I saw this online, I thought “maybe I can do this”.


Resolution #3: Read more. I have not read a book in over three years. I recently started reading the last book in the Crossfire series and I am about half way. I got bored. This never happened to me! I think it was culture shock – not the content of the novel but my inability to sit still for a couple of hours and lose myself in a book. So I am taking up this challenge!


Resolution #4: Become more charitable. I read a story of a father who purchased items at the Dollar Store (in Barbados, it will be the $3+ store) and filled Ziploc bags with them in case he ever met a homeless person who needed a meal or assistance. I thought why not go a step further and purchase items that I can give all year round. This is a work in progress but I plan to really work on this and maybe do a donation at year’s end.

Resolution #5: Spend more time discovering who I am both spiritually and personally. I recently helped coach a client for a job interview and asked her “Tell me about yourself”. She could not answer me. How many of us can answer that question? It got me asking myself “Just who are you?”. This year will be for me to learn that. I can love again without being afraid. I can let my children have their own experiences while I let go of my fear that something bad will happen if I don’t watch them 24/7. I can grow, mature and find me again.

These are my top five resolutions in random order. Did you make any? What are yours? Tell me by emailing


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