School is in session….

labimg_870_Back-to-school-minionsToday marked the first day of the school term and I picked up both children from their grandparents. As they entered the car and buckled their seat belts, I turned to ask them each how their respective day was.

The 11YO has a project to make a musical instrument, a history project to complete and an art project that she needed to print ASAP. The 8YO just replied that it was fine and basically shut down.

As we approached the house and parked the car the 8YO suddenly came to life. “Mummy”, he chirped, “We had art today, and you will never guess what happened”. Of course I am dreading asking but knowing that if I don’t he will just continue uninterrupted. So I asked “what happened?”

“The Art teacher asked us to put our heads on the desk for 10 minutes so we could think about what we wanted to draw”, he stated, continuing excitedly, “but the whole class fell asleep including me”.

I swear some teachers have the best ways to deal with children. School is definitely in session!

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