One or Two spaces after a period?

Do we use one space or two spaces after a period?  I ask this question because last week there was an article about this and I immediately scoffed at it because when I did typewriting class in 1988 we were taught to put two spaces.  Now, after reading this article, it says that one space is the accepted norm and I am like, what the hell!  I didn’t get the memo! I want the 90s back! 

I polled my friends and got varying responses – some said one, others said two and I found myself driven to find out so I did some research and came upon this website (okay not research, I Google searched). The fact remains that I have been living way in the 90s for too long and need to update my skills for the 21st century and realize that it is no longer two spaces.  In fact, I am feeling rather odd now that I am the only person not doing one space. What does that mean? 

Holy crap, it means I have to remember to put one space after a full stop.  Did I forget again?  What about after a question mark? Is it still one space? Oh, wait, have the rules for punctuation changed?  Can you spot where I have one space or two spaces?  Sigh, this is going to make my writing very complicated (and a bit more fun). 

I would love to have you weigh in on this.  Do any of you still use two spaces like me?

(Photo used from Writing Skills)

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